Indie Comics Magazine #9

The Adventure Issue! 8 complete stories, 64 pages! “Cruzader, Agent of the Vatican” runs deadly missions for the pope! “The Professional(s) kick butt to save a city and build a legend! A mysterious hooded cult appears for “The Harvest!” We investigate a brutal murder in “The Case of the Misused Grant!” Microman is let go from his super-group in “The Downsizing of Quentin Mykroh!” Uncle Pat reveals the story of a maiden, disease, Conquistadors and death, in “The Womanatee!” Heresy shall not be tolerated as the Astral Crusaders return! Plus, we introduce “Toots Malloy, Blues Ninja!”

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Comic shop owner isn't a job, it's a CALLING, in this full color, done-in-one-issue story exploring 50 years of comic book history! Comics helped Steve through tough times growing up and he turned his love of the medium into a business. But is it worth the toll it takes on his family? “A personal story that's also a fun and fascinating walk through the history of comics retailing. A great read.” - John Jackson Miller. By Gary Scott Beatty and Aaron “Adventures of Aaron” Warner!

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Indie Comics Magazine #8

9 complete stories, 68 pages! Recalcitrant Jones and his rock all-stars! A career killer looks "Through the Crosshairs!" We discover "What Are Pat and Billy Drinking?", visit the zombie apocalypse, and remember "Adventures of Aaron!" We solve a murder with The Skinvestigator, prowl city streets with The Albino, and battle a demon with The Super Sleuths! We finish by running from zombies! Terry Cronin, Paul Bradford, Pat Martin, Pete LaDuke, Aaron Warner, Tom Arvis, Derek Adnams, plus a full color preview of the comic shop tale "Number One!" Incredible cover by Alicia Hollinger!

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Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter!

Tom Arvis' legendary hero and indie favorite Mercenary Pig is now presented in one complete, full color volume!

A walking, talking, thinking, humanoid pig takes on animal cruelty, genetically modified pigs, and, ultimately, an evil food conglomerate, in this pork-humor filled, action packed origin story! New material wraps up the entire Meatcutter story arc in these 48 pages, as Percy the pig begins his guerrilla fight for animal rights -- with his fists!

Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter is on comic shop shelves NOW!

Indie Comics Magazine #7

9 complete stories, 64 pages!

See Tom Kelly's cage fighting "Masher," monstrous Tupilak and mystical tattoos in two Terry Cronin tales, and Paul Bradford's assassin in "Silent But Deadly!" Marta Tanrikulu offers mystery in "The Case of the Lost Offspring," and Chris Berg presents a sci-fi zombie in "Slices: The Dillinger Experiment!" Plus, Kim Mey-Loehng's "I Got Fired on My 40th Birthday," Gary Scott Beatty's jazz tale "The Bridge," and Devastating Roulette Studios' cosmic "He!" Cover by indie legend Donna Barr! Mature themes.

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Erica J. Heflin's The Envy

Jealousy's a monster in the one-shot, psychological thriller THE ENVY, from Erica (Chronographer) Heflin, from Aazurn Publishing!

Young Danielle's world is forever shattered by David's beautiful and exotic new girlfriend. When men fall for her charms and Danielle's BFF becomes ill, she begins to wonder if there is something evil -- even monstrous -- going on! INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE PRESENTS: THE ENVY!

The Envy is on comic shop shelves NOW!

Indie Comics Horror #2

Available ONLY at your local or online comic shop!

9 complete thrillers -- Joe Sergi unmasks a stalker, Paul Bradford defends against marauders, and Dan Rivera meets a fiendish clown. Tease Fabian Rangel, Jr.'s "Stinky" at your peril. Then, Scott Schmidt battles undead gunmen, Anthony Cacioppo visits Transylvania, Glenn Møane introduces "The Drain," and Terry Cronin plunges us into a sinkhole. Monstrous Andy Bennett cover! Video preview music by Star Destroyer.

Indie Comics Horror #2 is on comic shop shelves NOW!

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