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BUY NOW! Wounds: One man's descent into madness accompanied by death in a tuxedo during the zombie apocalypse, is now on Amazon and Comixology!

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Indie Comics #1, #2 and #3: Caliber Digital

BUY NOW! Indie Comics: Caliber Digital is now FULL COLOR on Comixology! 53 full color pages for only $2.99. Horror, adventure, heroes! Terry Cronin, Michael R. Carr, Brad Olrich, Rick Bonn, Paul Bradford and Gary Scott Beatty craft exciting stories!

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Worlds: Three Stories by Gary Scott Beatty

BUY NOW! The first Gary Scott Beatty retrospective is now on Comixology and Amazon! Published by indie legend Caliber Comics, “Worlds" is a massive, 96 page collection of early work, unpublished art, in-depth articles, art gallery and more!

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Jazz: Midnight

Art inspired by '50s album cover design. Story inspired by jazz. Gary Scott Beatty's new graphic novel collection of tales from the smoky clubs of 1957 is now on Amazon, click here!

Slithering from the pages of the Strange Horror comic book series is 48 minutes of mind-blowing music from Gary Scott Beatty! We call it prog horror, because it defies description. $2 includes a free, illustrated liner notes booklet download. (Download links appear after payment.)

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